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CheriCo Legal Services is a support service provider, extending paralegal and IT services for US legal immigration firms. We believe in building relationships and we take pride in fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

At CheriCo Legal Services we provide assistance to boutique U.S. law firms by assessing the case, recommending appropriate course of action, requesting legal documentation and verifying all relevant data. We prepare all supporting documentation and letters in support of filing a petition or application. We provide sequential assistance through every stage of the immigration process. Our team has been trained by U.S. law professionals which facilitate optimum results in a prompt and efficient manner.

We are a strong team of seasoned paralegals and legal assistants from diverse backgrounds. Our team’s experience in different sectors gives us a broad understanding of the business perspectives, of both the employment–based and the family-based immigration needs of our varied clients and the different sectors they function in.

Workspaces are continually being redefined even as businesses expand to take advantage of opportunities at a global level. This, in turn, leads to the need to constantly redefine the workforce, and skill sets needed at various locations. Multinational firms are compelled to assess their requirements in different markets and balance their employee deployment accordingly.

CheriCo Global Mobility Services help companies to manage the mobility needs of their global workforce by offering a one-stop assistance service for:

  • Work visa services
  • Family visa services
  • Advice on statutory compliances for the proposed locations
  • Identify & assist on travel and logistics, education and accommodation needs of the employees

Your best output comes with the right tools and to help manage your technology infrastructure, we assist with tool selection for Document Management, Email, Docketing, Billing and Contacts. We also provide technology consultation services for administration and management.

Your technology needs might be as unique as your business, and a commercial off-the-shelf solution might not fit the bill. For you, we offer bespoke software solutions tailored to your specific requirements, by leveraging proven technologies.

A brand is a compelling story that surrounds a person, product or organisation. In a time when visibility needs to match with ability, we help a brand to mark its presence and stand out in the midst of the clutter of existing brands. Let us help you write your story…

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate presentation
  • Web Design
  • Video production
  • Mobile App Development

CheriCo was founded in 2015 as a paralegal support center for immigration lawyers. Their trust and the long-standing relationships that have been assiduously built have led to our expansion and diversification. We have now become a multi-faceted one-stop service provider in the Immigration domain.

  • CheriCo Legal Services – Provides assistance at every stage of the immigration process
  • CheriCo IT Services – Helps clients build bespoke IT solutions for their legal practices
  • CheriCo Global Mobility Services – Provides concierge services beyond just immigration.
  • CheriCo Branding & Marketing Services – Develops contextual content, graphics and web-based tools for companies who are expanding to reach global markets.

CheriCo has a strong team from diverse backgrounds which helps us develop a broad understanding of business perspectives. Our four divisions provide credible, focused and prompt services. We, at CheriCo, believe in building goodwill, enforcing and adhering to a high standard in quality while striving to deliver optimum results.

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Personalized Case management, Assessment of cases.

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We take great precaution to ensure client confidentiality and security.

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  • Monitoring the performances in pivotal aspects lead to a high rate of approvals.
  • Strategic efficiency in handling cases.
  • On-target delivery.