CheriCo offers a host of support services for managing the migration needs for work,
for immigration and even for non-immigrant job postings.

CheriCo Legal Services

We are a service provider for boutique law firms specialising in immigration matters. Many firms in the USA seek our assistance for paralegal documentation support. We focus on

  • Personalized Case management
  • Assessment of cases
  • Legal consultation
  • Paralegal documentation
  • Monitoring of cases to ensure a high rate of approvals.
  • On-target delivery

CheriCo IT Services

Our IT support services help in developing custom workflows, specifically designed to meet your needs. We help set up the software stacks to manage your technology infrastructure. We assist with tool selection for Emails, Docketing, Billing, Contacts & technology consultation for administration and management. Our technology services have helped clients reap the benefits of:

  • Improved Monitoring, Data Management and Analytics
  • Increased Productivity in work
  • Enhanced security and
  • Seamless engagement with all stakeholders

CheriCo Global Mobility Services

By adding global mobility services to our bouquet of offerings, we are better equipped to address the needs of our clients. Our team has considerable exposure with different cultures and regional challenges. Our Global Mobility Services help

  • Provide a career development path for the employees of our clients
  • Empower them as global citizens
  • Create a robust and responsive framework to address challenges across different time-zones
  • Improve accessibility by deploying hybrid technologies

CheriCo Branding & Marketing Services

As companies expand to create a global footprint, their communication needs to be different and specific to the regional and cultural context. We offer branding & marketing services

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate presentation
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Mobile App Development