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At CheriCo Legal Services we provide assistance to boutique U.S. law firms by assessing the case, recommending appropriate course of action, requesting legal documentation and verifying all relevant data. We prepare all supporting documentation and letters in support of filing a petition or application. We provide sequential assistance through every stage of the immigration process. Our team has been trained by U.S. law professionals which facilitate optimum results in a prompt and efficient manner.

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Our firm has more than a decade of legal experience. We are a strong team of seasoned paralegals and legal assistants from diverse backgrounds.

Our team’s experience in different sectors gives us a broad understanding of the business perspectives, of both the employment – based and the family-based immigration needs of our varied clients and the different sectors they function in.

  • Corporate & Family Law

    We assist U.S. law firms with the process of applying for both Immigrant & Non-immigrant visas.

  • Software Stacks Consulting

    To help manage your technology infrastructure we assist with tool selection for Emails, Docketing, Billing, Contacts & technology consultation for administration and management.

  • Client Services

    We prioritise building good client relations which is key to the success of any business and make day to day work enjoyable for all. Through efficient client communication we enhance and establish trust between clients & businesses, through conflict resolution we work to swiftly create a win-win solution for all.

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