B-1 Visa -Temporary Business Visitor

You may be eligible for a B-1 visa if you will be participating in business activities of a commercial or professional nature in the United States, including, but not limited to:

  • Consulting with business associates
  • Traveling for a scientific, educational, professional or business convention, or a conference on specific dates
  • Settling an estate
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Participating in short-term training
  • Transiting through the United States: certain persons may transit the United States with a B-1 visa
  • Deadheading: certain air crewmen may enter the United States as deadhead crew with a B-1 visa


1. Duration of Stay:

  • The initial period of stay for a B-1 visa is typically 1 to 6 months.
  • Extensions of stay can be granted for up to an additional 6 months.
  • The maximum total amount of time permitted in B-1 status on any one trip is generally 1 year.


2. Dependents:

  • Spouses and children are not eligible for dependent visas under the B-1 category.
  • Each dependent who will be accompanying or following to join the primary B-1 visa holder must apply separately for a B-2 visa.



  • The B-1 visa allows you to develop business relationships and visit the U.S. as many times as necessary for business purposes.
  • After your visa expires, you can always apply for another one.
  • Unlike some other visa categories, there is no annual cap on B-1 visas.


4.Restrictions and prohibited activities:

  • Salaried Employment: B-1 visa holders cannot engage in salaried employment in the U.S. This means they cannot work for a U.S. company as an employee receiving regular compensation1.
  • Freelancing or Independent Contracting: Similarly, B-1 visa holders are not allowed to work as freelancers or independent contractors. Any work that involves providing services or labor for a U.S. company falls under this category and is not permissible on a B-1 visa.
  • Productive Work: The B-1 visa is specifically for temporary business visitors engaging in non-remunerative and non-productive activities. It does not authorize productive work that leads to the creation of a product or service.
  • Duration of Stay: B-1 visa holders should be aware that the standard duration for a B-1 visa is typically 6 months. If they wish to stay longer, they will need to file for regular extensions.


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