Athletes and Culturally Unique Artists can take on the P visa

The eligibility for a P-1 visa is, a person who is a professional athlete, specifically those who have made international recognition. You can apply individually or as part of a team. Coaches, as well as supporting staff of the athletic holder of this visa can also obtain one. Members of entertainment groups who have a relationship with the other team members for at least a year are also eligible.

P-2 visas are available to artists or entertainers, either individually or as part of a group, who come to the U.S. to perform under a reciprocal exchange program between the U.S. and one or more other countries. All essential support personnel are included. The applicant will need to prove the legitimacy of the program by presenting a formal, written exchange agreement.

P-3 visas are available to artists or entertainers who come to the U.S., either individually or as part of a group, to develop, interpret, represent, teach, or coach in a program that is considered culturally unique. The program may be of either a commercial or non-commercial nature. The P-3 applicant may come to the U.S. to participate in a cultural event or events that will further the understanding or development of an art form. In addition, the employer will have to submit the following  on the applicant’s behalf:

  • statements from recognized experts showing the authenticity of the person or group’s skills in performing, presenting, coaching, or teaching the unique or traditional art form and showing the basis of knowledge of the person or the group’s skill, or
  • evidence that the person or group’s art form is culturally unique, as shown by reviews in newspapers, journals, or other published materials, and that the performance will be culturally unique.

Features of P visa:

  • The P visa holder can work legally in the U.S. for the P visa sponsor. If, however, the person wants to change jobs, getting a new visa will be necessary.
  • P visas can be issued relatively quickly.
  • P visas will be granted for the length of time needed to complete a particular event, tour, or season, up to a maximum of one year.


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