TN Visa

The TN visa is related to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which created special economic and trade agreements between Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

There are two categories TN-1 visa and TN-2 visa.

The TN-1 Visa is designed for Canadian citizens to work in the US as NAFTA professionals. In general, Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the US so after they find a job, they can choose not to apply for the TN visa. Instead, they will get the TN qualifications at specific Ports of Entry of US airports or in Pre-Flight Inspection Offices.

The TN-2 visa is for Mexican citizens who want to work in the US as NAFTA professionals. In comparison to Canadian citizens, those from Mexico are required to apply for a TN visa at US Embassies and cannot simply get the qualification at the US port of entry.

After receiving the TN visa, it is valid for 3 years. Later, there is a possibility to extend it for an additional period of 3 years. This means, that as long as you are employed in the US, you are allowed to remain in the US on a TN visa.

To qualify for a TN visa, the beneficiary must:

  • Be a citizen of Mexico or Canada
  • Work in a professional occupation on the NAFTA list
  • Be coming to the US to work for a US employer in a job that requires your specific professional skills.


Terms and conditions of TN visa:

Extension — Duration of Stay in U.S. is 3 years.  It is possible to extend a TN visa indefinitely in one-year increments. To qualify, you must be able to prove you have a residence in your home country, and that you intend to go back.

Travel— You can travel out of the country and re-enter the United States provided your visa is still in term and you still intend to continue to carry out your professional business.

Dependents — Immediate family members (spouse and any unmarried children under 21) may stay in the U.S. under a TD visa. TD visa holders may attend school but are not permitted to work unless they obtain a different visa. Note that you will need to be ready to prove the family relationship, usually by showing a marriage or birth certificate.

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