Indian Graduates file lawsuit against the US Government over H-1B denials

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs accused the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of denying them H-1B specialty occupation visas, even though they were lawfully employed by reputable companies. The plaintiffs in this case were employed by four IT staffing firms: Andwill Technologies, AzTech Technologies LLC, Integra Technologies LLC, and WireClass Technologies LLC.

The lawsuit by the Indian plaintiffs alleges that the DHS assumed that all the individuals working at the above-mentioned four companies were involved in the fraud due to their association with the company.

Some of the plaintiffs claim that they were denied visa even after they ended their employment at the companies where the alleged fraud took place. The plaintiffs contend that the DHS violated the Immigration and Nationality Act by neglecting to provide notice of actions like visa sanctions and failing to afford them the chance to respond with evidence. They underscore that the DHS should have adhered to a procedure involving notifying affected parties and granting them the ability to address the allegations against them. It is also surprising to notice that the Bloomberg report highlighted that the DHS has not issued a response to the lawsuit by the Indian nationals.

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